Canning Tomatoes

Tomatoes can be added to almost every dinner. Get some extras from a friend or grow your own! Canning tomatoes gives your family the ability to use them year round, without all the added garbage of the store bought ones!

As you can see, our kitchen is always a family effort. Enjoy!

Ask any questions below, and I'll take them to the experts for answers. The experts are my Grandma and Aunt 🙂





  1. Fill canner half full and bring to a boil. (canner example from Amazon: Granite Ware Bath Canner with Rack)
  2. Boil blancher water. (look for a stainless steel blancher/pasta cooker on Amazon)
  3. Fill single or double sink with cold water.
  4. Place cutting board and discard basket next to sink.
  5. Place freshly cleaned canning jars, rings, jars & butter knife next to cutting board.
  6. Bring rings and lids to a boil & turn down.


  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Prepping helps tremendously because you are setting up an assembly line which will help prevent mess & carrying hot/cold things around your kitchen.
  3. Wide mouth canning jars are easier for packing.
  4. Lids are ONE use only.
  5. Try to keep jars from touching in the canner to prevent cracking when they are boiling.
  6. Thrift shops can be an awesome place to find non-toxic canners, blanchers &. jars!


  1. When blanching water is at a ~rolling boil~ fill submerging basket with tomatoes. Put tomatoes in blancher for approximately 30 seconds. You will start to see the skin shrivel up. The whole point of this step is to be able to easily remove the tomato skin.
  2. Scoop or take submerging basket. Put hot tomatoes in cold water sink. If two sided sink, move tomatoes to next ~cool bath~. Either way, once tomatoes have cooled start pulling a couple out at a time. Peel skin off tomato and remove core.                                           
  3. Cut the tomatoes in whatever shape you prefer, we usually quarter them.
  4. Beginning filling your canning jars. As you fill push the tomatoes downward. Some people dump some of the juice as others do not. Up to you on how "liquidy" you want them!
  5. Remove the air bubbles from the jars. Easiest way is moving a butter knife downward in canning jar, while pushing down counter pressure with your fingers.                                                                    
  6. WIPE THE TOPS OF THE JARS BEFORE PUTTING ON THE LID. It may not seal in a canner if anything is on the rim.
  7. Secure lids and rims.
  8. Add 4 pints of cold water to canner to prevent cracking as you place the filled tomato jars in.
  9. Put jars in as you fill them to temper to the heat.                                   
  10. Once all jars are in, lower the rack so there is at least one inch of water above the jars. Space jars as best as possible to prevent cracking.                                                 
  11. Lower jars and bring back to a boil. Boil pints for 30 minutes. Boil quartz for 45 minutes.
  12. Once boiling is complete, remove jars to cool. Let cool overnight and check the top of each jar. If there is no bump it has been sealed (you will hear them popping when they seal).
  13. If one has not sealed, put in fridge and use within a week.
  14. Sealed jars can have the rings taken off, rinsed and put away.
  15. ENJOY in chili, spaghetti, salsa, soup, casserole, etc.         

The possibilities are endless. BEST PART? You know exactly what is in it!! Tomatoes from your own or friend's garden.

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